We specialise in Surface Exploration Drilling with comprehensive experience in Gold, Diamond, Coal, Platinum and Base Minerals Exploration.

Turnstone Drilling was started in 2007 by Corneleus S. Louw who is still today the Chairman. Since 2007 we have grown from strength to strength and have been able to build a financially sound company which has a very capable and effective exploration fleet.

The Company has the financial capability to comfortably invest internationally. While boasting of high caliber workforce, it has 13 Trailer mount Drill Rigs, amongst other modern equipment suitable for the Sub-Sahara Region.

Other distinctive capabilities flow from our ability and capacity to drill holes up to 2500 meters BQ. We also have Drill Rods and in hole equipment for holes up to 2000 meters NQ. We have superior drilling equipment that is internationally comparative and competitive, and thus, able to undertake any diamonds drilling challenges.

Our safety has a zero tolerance approach, all our workers have first aid and basic training in SHE. There have been no SHE incidences since the company started.